I offer corporate and business guidance, leadership development, and career advancement. With two decades of experience in tech and executive roles, I have enabled success in both startups and large corporations. My expertise will help your business, your brand, and your career. Together, we can make the impossible easy.

Oren Yakobi
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What People Say

Boaz Petersil

"Oren is the person who will tell you what you need to fix when you need to hear it, long before reality delivers the message in a much less pleasant way. He will push you and your organization to be creative and uncompromising."

Boaz Petersil, Co-Founder @ Beewise
Yuval Kaminka

"Oren is highly professional and proficient with knowledge that goes well beyond the technical aspects of the day to day, giving him a broad view of the web development world. His devotion and commitment to his responsibilities are outstanding."

Yuval Kaminka, Co-Founder, CEO @ Simply
Niv Itzhaky

"Oren's humility comes in a great contrast to his vast range of abilities. I found a true friend in Oren and was able to consult with him on my most sensitive dilemmas. His advice and mentoring was very valuable to me."

Niv Itzhaky, Mentor
Eliyah Radzyner

"Oren is an exceptional. His leadership and mentorship style holds peers and direct reports to high standards while maintaining a supportive demeanor. Oren effectively identifies and challenges superficial efforts, pushing his team to surpass their expectations. His patient and motivational approach makes complex challenges more manageable and keeps his team driven towards success. Oren’s leadership not only advances projects but also fosters personal and professional growth in those he works with."

Eliyah Radzyner, Co-Founder @ Beewise
Eyal Cohen

"I have worked with Oren for several years and witnessed a passionate R&D manager who built several successful off-shore teams. "

Eyal Cohen, VP of Engineering @ CME Traiana
Guy Naor

"Oren is a very effective manager, and a strong team builder. His work with our offsite team in Ukraine resulted in a strong performing, very responsible team. Oren instilled in the team a sense of belonging and commitment that is hard to find in remote site teams. Oren showed extensive knowledge and experience, and had the ability to push our technology stack to the limit, to meet our needs."

Guy Naor, CTO @ NEX Optimisation
Diana Lisovenko

"Oren isn't just a manager - he's a forward-thinking leader with a talent for generating fantastic ideas that drive our projects to success. His strategic thinking has been instrumental in guiding our team towards excellence."

Diana Lisovenko, Software Engineer
Elad Dotan

"You can trust Oren with the serious staff, not only that he will probably precede the schedule; you can be sure that his deliverable will turn out to be at the highest quality you can get. Oren is a problem solver by true meaning and his creativity will always spark at the times of crises or at the times of brainstorming. Not only that he is highly motivated and highly professional, his pleasant presence and great sense of humor are a boost to the company spirit!"

Elad Dotan, VP of Cloud Operations @ FundGuard
Fábio Almeida

"Oren is the 'Always Available' leader. His valuable insights promote autonomy, teamwork, and openness to criticism to improve efficiency. An example on How to avoid Micro-Management. Being attentive in every conversation make him a person very easy to connect with."

Fábio Almeida, Software Engineer
Yaron Reinharts

"Oren is a visionary leader who empowers teams and fosters a culture of autonomy and collaboration. His dedication to building independent teams, coupled with a deep understanding of agile and lean methodologies, creates an environment where teams flourish. Oren's leadership at Beewise has been instrumental in driving efficiency and creating a collaborative work culture. Oren's passion for learning and mentorship is evident in his leadership style. His well-rounded skill set brings a holistic perspective to any challenge."

Yaron Reinharts, Software Engineer
Sandra Armelin

"Oren introduced me to innovative managerial concepts, pushing me to reconsider my systematic approach and offering fresh insights into the company's challenges. Oren advocates for management practices that empower leaders to maintain a holistic view and have the flexibility to oversee the broader picture."

Sandra Armelin, Mechanical R&D Team Leader
Nadia Hitman

"Oren have a great eye for design, connecting to the overall vision and putting his spin on the task at hand. He works very quickly and takes great pride in the outcome. He is also a great, fun person to work with and is truly dedicated to everything that he works on. "

Nadia Hitman, VP Brand Marketing @ Simply
Ofir Shentzer

"As a mentor, both to me and to his teams, he has been instrumental in guiding team members toward excellence and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Oren possesses a remarkable team-building talent, bringing together diverse skill sets and personalities to work cohesively towards common goals. His dedication to cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment has significantly contributed to the success of our projects and products."

Ofir Shentzer, Product Manager
Gal Nir

"Oren is a manager with great interpersonal skills and deep knowledge in his domains."

Gal Nir, Senior Product Manager
Alexander Grudski

"Oren is not just brilliant, superbly knowledgeable, admiringly analytical, detail oriented and at the same time able to observe solutions from a broader view. He's also a very pleasant person with whom I've enjoyed working and learning from. Throughout his entire period of employment Oren demonstrated highly professional skills both technological and team interaction, with his enthusiasm and intelligence he was an asset to the company and his colleagues. In any way you put it, Oren's contribution to any development group is broadly and deeply perceivable."

Alexander Grudski, Senior Software Engineer
Alex Usov

"I was amazed with Oren's management skills and his hands on ability to get things done. Managed by Oren's efficient methods, our team successfully delivered the highest quality results and in very short time frame."

Alex Usov, Global Head Of IT & Fundbox
Sam Thompson

"I worked closely with Oren on a number of products and found him to be a true professional able to handle tasks assigned to him in a timely manner as well as offer great insight into the product itself. Oren enhanced the product team workflow by suggesting various methods and additional documentation to further assist in product development. Beyond his skills as a senior developer, Oren made coming to the office a pleasure and I thank him for that!"

Sam Thompson, Senior Director @ Kaltura
Shlomi Sasson

"Each time i'm speaking with people in the R&D world, I use Oren as an example for the HR this industry need. "

Shlomi Sasson, VP Product & Engineering @ Bringg
Samantha Naymark

"Oren has given me absolutely invaluable advice. If you’re looking for a considerate thoughtful business mentor, go with Oren. He will help you steer in the right direction."

Samantha Naymark, UX Content Designer @ Meta
Shoval Gavriel Dadon

"The value I received from Oren is enormous. It helped my self-confidence and I can feel the great improvement."

Shoval Gavriel Dadon, Software Engineer
Nurit Granadier

"Getting to know Oren was life-changing for me. His wide range of skills and talents, which cannot be adequately endorsed with words, steered me through a major career transition. His ongoing guidance is a key catalyst in choosing my new path and becoming a renowned headhunter"

Nurit Granadier, Talent Acquisition @ Scopio Labs copied to clipboard!